Thursday, March 27, 2008

Conclusion on my Heathrow Terminal 5 experience

So it was Day 1 at T5 and overall it was a good experience right up to the point I got to the gate:

  • Very easy quick access from new underground station to Departures
  • Beautiful light and airy building, very spacious very modern
  • Security was so quick you could have blinked and missed it
  • Unexpected transfer required to Gate B and C area, but that was quick and efficient small train
  • Gate B, again very light and airy
  • Then this is where the problems started. A couple of flights departed on time then nothing happened, no announcements, nothing on informatiuon screens, lots of people milling about.
  • finally after an hour of nothing - I heard "Last call for BA flight to Dusseldorf!" - no warning, no gate number, nothing, then a big rush by everybody to get on board

So 10 out of 10 for design, flow, ease etc.

But 0 out of 10 for information and punctuality.

I am flying back tonight, so we will see how that goes

But still late departures

You would think today of all days it would be on time. But it is 7.30 and no gates posted for any flight including mine due to leave now :-(

Very bright and airy

This is the view from Terminal 5 B gates looking over towards Terminal 4. The whole building is full of huge windows making it very sunny (and a bit difficult to read some of the information screens and TVs

Heathrow Terminal 5 view from B gates.

Wasn't aware there were separate buildings. Impressive view !

Unexpected extra journey

Via train transit for B gates at Heathrow terminal 5

Flying through Terminal 5 today.

So far an excellent experience. From tube to other side of security in just 7 minutes :-D

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A sad day - Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

I just read online that Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax has died, aged 69.

Love it or hate it, lots of people played Dungeons and Dragons over the years and all the spin off games that owe so much to the original. I met some of my oldest and best friends through D&D and today's modern equivalents such as MMORPGs and 1st person shooter games also owe much to the vision of this man.

Now personally after playing for a few years, it started to really annoy me with all its inconsistencies, but it was still the first real attempt to formalise a coherent methodology of role play and we can't take that away from him. Plus if we hadn't had all those issues with the games we wouldn't have had so many long involved arguments, which at the time seemed so important and now I just look back on so fondly.

For those of you who read my blog and were there, some of my favorite RPG moments:

  • Bareg (aka Simon) falling off a tower so many damn times that he created a nice indentation in the ground
  • The Paladin whose name I can't remember (aka the late Richard Bould), Bareg and a rather nasty trap
  • Oh look there is a Catabl.................
  • Slippery Jim, (aka me) and the chair that turned into a door
  • The whole RPG experience that lead to Hirad Coldheart and The Raven

and in more modern times, I'll never forget:
  • The damned Dam
  • The tropical island with Jimi Hendrix sound effects
  • The swamp and discovering you can't lie down in it "Too Deep!

...amongst many others.

RIP Gary Gygax, you gave the world something unique