Thursday, May 07, 2009

Time for change in Football world?

I'm not a Chelsea fan, far from it, but after watching the appalling decisions made by the referee last night in the Champion's League semi-final against Barcelona, I did feel a bit sorry for them.

These glaring errors can not go on. I do feel sorry for referees a lot of the time, who have to make a difficult call in a split second, sometimes with limited viewpoint. The problem is, with big screens in stadiums and the watching TV audience it is now very obvious, very quickly when a major mistake has been made. This damages confidence in the referees and in the bigger picture harming football.

So why not put some level of TV review in place, but limit it as they do in the NFL. GIve each team the right to 2 or 3 reviews only per game - so it is te mangers decision if he thinks there has been a major error to call for the 4th official to review the TV coverage. A limited number of reviews will not slow the gamne down too much and I believe will result in fairer results and more confidence in the referees.

So come on FA, UEFA and FIFA, time to act