Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Poor Customer Service - this time from Sky Television (British Sky Broadcasting

After the Talk Talk broadband pooor customer service saga last year, I am now in a dispute with Sky television, regarding what should have been a simple change of name on an account.

After separating from my wife last year, there has been an ongoing list of things to do, transferring various accounts, such as utilities into a different name. Most have been no problem, but Sky Television (also known as Sky Subscribers, and British Sky Broadcasting) have excelled themselves in providing misleading, inconsistent and what I would describe as "jobsworth" customer service. Below is the timeline of events, tell me if you think I am wring to pursue this?

Sky Subscription Dispute – Event Timeline

21 April

Phoned to ask for change of account name as my wife and I had separated and I no longer lived at the address, told that I can’t do that on the phone and I would need to write in – was given the customer services address:

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
Customer Care Department
PO Box 99
West Lothian
EH64 7PR

I sent letter asking for the name to be changed – no mention that I would need to give 30 days notice nor that a new account would need to be opened.

25 April

Sky received letter and replied that this was not possible and that my wife needed to open a new account in her name. I have mislaid this letter, but I do not recall any mention of the 30 days notice to cancel the account.

1 May

My wife notified me that she had opened a new account but that I had to call to cancel the old account. This of course means that there was no break in service at 4 Chiltern Close and no lost revenue for Sky

21 May

Being very busy at work organising a marketing conference overseas, several weeks passed before I had time to call. I rang to cancel the old account, talked to Jim (no reference number) and was told that I had to give 30 days notice – first time it had been mentioned to me. I was also told that I would be liable for outstanding costs for a service that I could not receive - the property I currently live in does not have Sky and I cannot get it installed due to an issue with the management committee for the building.

I have no Sky equipment at my address, no dish, no cabling, no box.

I complained about this and was told, nothing else could be done. I complained again and asked for note to be made that I would give the 30 days notice under protest and I had no intention of paying the bill.

29 May

Letter arrived dated 26 May, stating payment outstanding and that all my services had been suspended – I wondered how you can suspend a service that I do not have? I ignored it

30 June

Another letter arrived, dated 27/6 – same as above but this time threatening debt collection agency if no response within 10 days. I ignored it

17 July

Letter received, dated 11/7, from Intrum Justitia stating that they have been authorised to act on behalf of Sky Subscribers to recover the debt of £70.70

I called Customer service and asked to speak to a supervisor – I talked to Craig (7CB61) and explained the situation. He told me that he could see where I was coming from, but that there was no other option but to pay. I asked to speak to his manager and was refused. I asked for a telephone number of Head Office and was refused; I asked for the senior person within Sky responsible for Customer service and was refused.

I looked up the main head office number and called asking for information about who has overall responsible for Customer service in Sky and was put through to Customer services helpline – I hung up.

I called again and repeated my request and was told that if I had a complaint then I needed to talk to the Customer Relations Team – Escalation department and was put through.

I spoke to Lynn (84430) and was told that there was nothing they could do and the only way I could proceed with my complaint was by writing in. I was advised to go onto the Sky website to the My Sky area and submit an email using an online form.

When pushed, Lynn told me that the person responsible for Customer services was Mark Anderson.

I called the main switchboard and asked for Mark Anderson’s job title – Customer Marketing Director, but when I asked to speak to him or his PA, I was told he doesn’t take phone calls and if there is a complaint to tall to customer services.

I telephoned Intrum Justitia and notified them that I would not be paying the debt and that I was in dispute with Sky. They said they would suspend activity for 7 days and I must copy them on my letter to Sky.

25 July

Posted the letter off today (thanks Theresa) and we will wait to see what happens - watch this blog for more details.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nice Viral Video from Triumph for the new Rocket III

I saw this nice viral video from Triumph today, promoting the new Rocket III motorbike. I read the story about it here and you can watch the video below:

Let me know what you think